As a professional manufacturer of petroleum prospecting drilling rig, Zhuozhou threesource equipment company is located in Zhuozhou city,  Hebei province. It is a corporate combination of three plants which ran petroleum prospecting machinery. Zhuozhou city is about 60KM away from center of Beijing, Capital of P.R. China and 100KM away from XinGang of Tianjin. And the express-way from Beijing city to Shijiazhuang city passes through this city. So it gets the traffic superiority advantageous.

At present, three source company has 166 employee and all has experienced in manufacturing petroleum prospecting machinery and practice for many years. 80% of all employee get junior college academic credentials. It is always manufacturing equipment with advanced technology, computer, and SOLIDWORKS triaxiality designing, always studying, designing and manufacturing drilling rigs for petroleum prospecting. Its products possess many national patents and some are the first created in domestic. Main products include: TSP series drilling rig for mountainous region, TST series truck mounted drilling rigs, FJ fire-fighting rescue vehicle, drilling pipes and drilling bits.

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We also led bringing in ERP enterprise information management system in the same business field. And carry out computer assisted management in enterprise. So the product quality gets high improvements, production cost is reduced and production period gets shorten. And then products with favorable performance and reliable quality are produced for users. With the aim of producing the drilling rigs for petroleum prospecting which will possess the world-leading level, we will always study, design and produce new drilling rigs. Drilling rigs meet QHSE requirements. 

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